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Why People Want To Commit Suicide?

People always want smooth and problem-free life. Almost every one of us detest facing challenges. Everyone knows pretty well that it is not possible to live sans problems, obstacles, challenges and hassles and still they want effortless happy life. This basic nature to escape problems and challenges thrown in by people, place and situations in life journey make people weak.

At a point when they feel trapped, they take one single decision to end up the very life so that they can avoid problems once and for all. Alas, they don’t know that the ‘mind’ which is just conglomeration of thoughts, feelings and emotions would continue to haunt them of course now without a body to work out the karma. Please refer the book “LIFE AFTER DEATH’ by Sadhu Vaswani.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa would say “to escape the scorpion bite people enter into the mouth of python” – means suffering from emotions, pangs, needs, desires and and wants without body is a hell right in front of us. In my counselling for those who attempted suicide, I would project this hard fact to create a constant consternation in them to avoid such thoughts again. It needs few amount of awareness and mental practice to live happily in life and to get rid of suicidal thoughts!! Let us see in our next post the ways and means to prevent such thoughts!

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