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Suddenly We Become Sad!! Six Simple Remedies To Avoid!!

To feel sad is not uncommon among we the human beings. Most of us remain anxious and  feel sad most of the time, while few feel so time and again in spite of their efforts to avoid. A very few learned the art of feeling happiness all the time which is not difficult to learn.

Sufferings start right from our birth.  When our stay is over in our mother’s womb, we are pushed to eject or taken by surgery to mother lest both may die.  The anxiety and tension thus start even at the time of our birth.

The neonatal anxiety about our survival thus starts. We have to cry to gasp our seminal air lest people around us would give us a gentle beat or pinch to make us cry. And we are not new to fear and anxiety.

Then at every stage, we experience uncertainty in life even during the growing years whether we are looked after well  or not. At school, we have to perform well all the time, compete with others as expected by parents, pass out the exams and pursue higher studies (many a time against our will and wish). We should willy nilly take up a career to eke out a living, get married even though we are not interested (in certain cases) and marry a girl of not our choice (in many cases), give offspring only to make our parents happy to give meaning to the marriage and thus we are entangled to start afresh another round of sufferings till we die.

One has to be in the octopus clutches of life to get trapped in the vicious circle between birth and death.

The void, blankness, feeling jettisoned and deprived to remain sad is not with those who are deprived of pleasures in life. Even the erudite, rich and affluent are sad in one way or the other.  The remedy is very simple.

1. Watch your Mind!

Amidst our busy schedule, we should learn to stop a while and watch our mind. Mind is nothing but conglomeration of thoughts.  When we watch our thoughts, the gap between one thought and the other would naturally become long. More the gap more the peace.  And we should know the quality of our thoughts.  Most of us are dragged and drifted away aimlessly from our goals by unwanted and irrelevant thoughts.  Every time when we find those unwanted and irrelevant thoughts, we have goad our mind to pursue good, quality, healthy and relevant thoughts.

It is germane to mention Ramana Maharshi’s Example in this regard. Once upon a time in the Ramanashram, there were 4 new born squirrels. Maharshi used to put them in a cage safely so as to protect them from marauding cats.  The little squirrels would keep coming out and everytime Bhagavan Ramana would put them inside the cage.  When some one around Him indicated about this, Bhagavan said “What to say, like our mind these squirrels are coming out time and again not knowing their safety inside.  And I have to put them inside everytime they come out. Likewise one has to push back the mind within to remain in safety!!” What a lively and lovely example.

2. Auto Suggestions!

Mahatria would say “The quality of our communication with others determine our success in life whereas the quality of our communication with ourselves determine our peace of mind”.  How true it is.  What we talk to ourselves determines our inner peace. Please do affirmations at least two times.  At the time we wake up and when we retire to bed.

3. Energy, Vibrations and Frequencies!

Many of us do not know the power of Energy,Vibrations and Frequencies that we feel and emanate from within. Good thoughts pave way for good words, good words give room for good deeds, good deeds result in good habits and good habits make our life. Hence thoughts are the seeds. Goods thoughts are converted automatically in to good images and good images emit positive energy. Positive energy create positive vibrations and when they are transmitted with suitable frequencies, we not only feel happy but create happiness in others and in the whole environment as well.

4. Count Your Blessings!

I spent 55 days with my mother in a hospital.  This experience of mine made me think so strongly as to how blessed am I as people are brought to hospital day in and day out for numerous diseases let alone the horrible accident cases. I suffered from a septic finger tip on my right index finger during my stay in the hospital which was operated upon. lt gave me a lot of pain as I was unable to keep my hand down. And since it is the finger tip, it got hit many a time to pain me more. These conditions made me think how fortunate I was and how healthy I remained all these years. How many people are suffering in the world.

5. Be cautious to stop the first disturbing thought!

One must be extremely careful to stop the very first destructing thought.  It is our mind’s evil designs and dynamics to make us perpetuate one bad and destructing thought endlessly to drift us far away from the happiness. The moment we identify the thought of destruction, we have to stop it with our entire force and start counting our blessings.

6. Practice Silence With Smiles!

Silence is very powerful. The efficacy of silence in making our mind still is really great. It is not just ceasing to vocalize but silencing the mind.  One must enjoy the silence within. When thoughts come, simply ask “to whom these thoughts are”. Wait for the answer again to come from within.  The mind may try to answer to deceive you, every answer should be questioned carefully to know the source.  It is an enjoyable experience which you will feel when you practice.

You may get some questions when you start practicing these.  I am here to answer. Shoot your question making use of the contact form