I visited a friend’s home some time back.  He told me that the house has become cramped and a new room is to be built to facilitate comfortable living.

I just surfed my eyes over the house-hold articles dumped all over the house. Many of them caught cob webs and dust which clearly indicated that they are not in use at all for many years.

I asked my friend about the usability of many of those items, who said, they are kept as monuments which depict a special occasions in his life when they were purchased or gifted.

I laughed within myself… Yes.. many of us develop this sort of a mind to keep many things just as remains of memories. There is no use except brooding over the past, poking our fingers into the shambles of past to take out only the dead experiences and nothing else.

I suggested my friend to remove all unwanted and obsolete items and if at all they are kept as monuments for remembering the past, let them be as photographs in your album so that there will be virtual space at home and no need for another room incurring a lot of expenditure.

It is not only at home my dear friends.  In our mind also we keep a lot of things, issues, matters and people unwantedly to suffer for want of freshness.  In fact, our real home is our MIND, you may leave your home but not the mind.  This home in which you are dwelling all the time with your thoughts and feelings come with you wherever you go and remains with you all the time.

Akin to the above, we are wittingly or unwittingly allowing  negative thoughts, relationships, memories and people to occupy our home – the mind to  lose our happiness and joy.   Mind is a worst master inducing us all the time to brood over the past, repent, lament and enjoy pathetically on self-pity. It would also make us fear and worry about future.

Spiritual Cleaning is very easy and effective !!

Make a sudden mental halt  amidst your busy work!

Close Your Eyes!

Just Visualize in your mind’s eye – where you stand and what you do!

Watch your thoughts and check whether on the right path!

Verify carefully whether your friends and acquaintances are positive, proactive and helpful!

Identify thoughts that occupy your mind unnecessarily and pull you down!

Carefully remove those thoughts from your mind once and for all!

Check your new friends, relatives and acquaintances and allow them to occupy when you feel for sure they are positive and helpful in your life journey!

Make needed affirmations !

Utter the holy name of your personal God and feel the presence of God with you all the time to draw the guidance!

This is called spiritual home cleaning!

Instead of carrying out this exercise, sorry, we are craving for happiness and enjoyment in life, which is not possible unless we keep the unwanted withing us. They are to cleaned and cleansed every day.

Are you ready now friends for this essential exercise.. good… all the best !!