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Single Evil Gaze Can Spoil You – Beware!

Single Evil Gaze Can Spoil You - Beware!

Feelings and emotions do have energy.  Thoughts macerated in Evil Feelings and Emotions are very dangerous and even slowly kill you when allowed albeit unwittingly.

Meta Physics and Esoteric Science are still not believed by many whereas one can experience the effects of the same.

Eye sore (jealousy gaze) can be very much dangerous, especially when caught within the striking auratic distance of one metre.

I am a Reiki Master and Healer and I have cured many cases which doctors could not and it is germane to cite one such instance here for readers to understand the effect of evil gaze.

I was at that time working with a huge chemical manufacturing company and one of my senior colleagues Mr.R.Srinivasan came to me with a discomfort and  paining gesture.

When I asked him for the reason, he said for the past two days he was not able to pass urine freely and that particular morning the problem became very serious that severe pains around the bladder did start.  He answered to my question that he consulted Company’s Doctor besides visiting a nephrologist, who suggested him to go for a CT Scan.

I checked his aura. There was a huge block in his basic as well as naval chakras. I asked about his acquaintances both physical as well as auratic during the past 3 or 4 days.   He said, two days back he called on another colleague who was operated upon for his urinary track problem.  He is a person known for his negative approach to life.

Mr.Srinivasan is a bachelor (still – he is 66 now) and financially well off.  He is a person who used to help all and sundry.  He visited his ailing colleague to console and comfort him but to receive the evil gaze in return. That person would have transmitted heavily loaded evil feelings  through a gaze and the feelings must have been “no illness is coming to this idiot who is richer than me and I am punished by God this way”.  Enough!! Those evil feelings and emotions simply entered my friend’s body piercing through all layers of aura to affect those two chakras.

I cleansed him thoroughly and gave Reiki at the office itself that day as my boss was away at Mumbai.  Within 30 minutes he passed urine freely and until now he is okay.  I cautioned him that day to be more careful with people possessing negative energy, They touch and even gaze can transmit negativity in us.

The extent of damage depends on how much strong our aura is and how much spiritual are we.  Persons with weak aura are prone to such attacks. No doctors can cure this permanently, I challenge and only we the healers can cure as the cause and damage is at subtle level.

Now, whenever you feel some mental and/or physical discomfort, think of your acquaintance and decide wisely.  For any clarification, you may use the contact form provided in the site – your queries will be answered soon FREE of cost.