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Life Improvement Mind Engineering

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Psychological Counselling

It is said around 4 lakh people are committing suicide every year just because of the fact that they have no one to listen to their woes.

When proper counseling is given, people are prevented from committing suicide. The irony is that those who commit suicide are highly educated, rich and enjoy high status in the society.

Counselling is not easy. Counselling is not just listening and talking. All counsellers are not the effective ones. A counseller should be clever enough to read the minds of the counselee from his/her body language, verbal language, mental attitude, counselees’ emotional and logical proportion etc. Then the counseller should choose the method of counselling. Counselling is not a common ready-made script to suit all the people.  Suitable individualistic counselling will alone fetch success.

Pre and post marital counseling is another area where people are benefited by counseling. When people are emotional, their logical mind is unable to take a quick and firm decision. As they are emotional, they need a good counseller to intervene and facilitate fair decision making.

My each counseling session is a new and novel experience. Every time when I counsel a person, I tend to understand afresh the dynamics of mind and pattern of thoughts adopted by persons.

Timely counseling avoids divorces, separation, failures, picking up bad habits, dejection and discouragement.

LIME’s Mission is to create awareness on mental health among poor and youth.  In the photo, a poor lady is being counselled for her problems at home.  She did develop disinterest to live on.  She is happy now.

  • Industrial Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

Problems handled in Industrial Counseling (individual and mass) are:

  • Absenteeism
  • Habitual Disorders of Workmen
  • Wrong Attitude Re-Engineering
  • De-Motivation & Discouragement

Problems handled in Individual Counseling are:

  • Demotivation
  • Discouragement
  • Lack of interest in life
  • Fears and Fobia
  • Lack of concentration
  • Other related mental illness