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Not The Disease But The Fear!!


In the thick of the forest, birds and animals live with nature.  They never go against nature.  With the result, they get the natural healing power from within and that’s how and why they get healed of their diseases and injuries.

One can know from the fact that Veterinary Doctors and hospitals do exist only in the towns and cities for the domesticated animals and not for the wild animals.

Similarly, we the human beings are having the power of healing from within and any medical interference from outside spoils this natural healing process. Of course, grievous injuries and terminal diseases need medical attention to some extent.

Whereas, the real healing happens only when the mind is without the fear of death or demolition due to disease and/or injury.  Yes, one who believes that nothing wrong would happen experience vanishing of disease miraculously.  As a Reiki specialist – Master & Healer, I have come across a lot of such instances in my life.

One of my friends’ wife met with an accident and escaped with minor injuries.  She was hospitalized for her bruises and pains. When she was declared fit to be discharged by the Doctors, she refused as she believed that she was not cured at all.

I just gave her Reiki and healed her mind to get relieved out of her trauma, she immediately became so fresh and felt fit for discharge.  In most of the cases, not the disease but the fear of disease kills the person.

Friends, please develop self belief and remain positive to drive away the disease early.  Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi would say “Guests and Diseases are same on one platform – they remain for long with us when we care them a lot”. Golden words indeed!!