Life Improvement Mind Engineering

Life Improvement Mind Engineering

NLP Trainer, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer Phno: +91 9442200231


People of all ages get affected unwittingly by several types of mental diseases. The negative, destructive and unnecessary thought force just creates a mental trough within them to cause behavioural disorders resulting in loss of interest to live on.

This psychological set back when not identified at the initial stages would become mental disorder necessitating psychiatry treatment.

Hypnosis, is the best method to cure persons with symptoms with initial mental disturbances.

I have successfully treated students who don’t have interest in their studies, who are unable to concentrate and memorize, who have developed and believe illogical hypothesis and the like. I do pre and post marital counseling as well.

To protect the identity of the persons treated through Hypnotherapy, no photographs of the beneficiaries and video clippings are put here.  However, a number of persons have so far been treated successfully.

In the Photo you see employees of Ramco Cements are put under Hypnotic Sleep and positive suggestions given to them.

Problems handled in Individual Counseling are:

  • Behavioural disorders
  • Negative and destructive thoughts
  • Mental disturbances
  • Pre and post-marital problems