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Life Improvement Mind Engineering

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Everyone is unique  in one way or the other – so says Neuro Linguistic Programming,

Man is a tamed social animal and hence we have to willy nilly interact with people at home, society and workplace.

One need to remain aware of and practice endurance, patience, amendments, adjustments, compromise and sacrifice.

There is always a question coming out of us “Why Me Always?”  and people fear losing their identity and individuality while perpetuating good relationship with others adopting and applying the above.

True… how long and how far we have to remain silent, try to endure, sacrifice our own likes and dislikes, make compromise and amendments just to save a relationship?

We know the story of the frog put in the boiling water.  It endured, adjusted, remained patient to afloat happily over the boiling water. At one point in time when it decided to jump, it could not as it lost all its energy in enduring the heat and died pathetically.

Should we be like that poor frog? At ever stage of our life, we need to close our eyes and ask this question HOW FAR & HOW LONG before it becomes too late.

When we ask the following questions, we will take a right decision at the right time:-

1. Who is the person and  how important is he/she in my life/career?

2. What is the relationship & bondage?

3. What is the purpose?

4. Why me and not he/she?

5. Is mutual benefit is ensured or am I exploited disgracefully?

Let answers come from our mind without any force.  Then the decision will be very quick and easy.

It is a fact that when we blindly adopt patience, endurance and the like, at one point in time, we pathetically get stranded in life hopelessly and helplessly as the one deceived and defeated.

How far & how long should be asked time and again to remain assertive in life. Right?