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Doctors! Do You Want Early Cure In Your Patients? Read This!

Doctors! Do You Want Early Cure In Your Patients? Read This!

The number of doctors are geometrically increasing across the globe and so are the new medicines with different chemical combinations. This is because, new diseases are found one after the other while the existing ones persist uncured among human beings and domesticated animals.

However, all the Doctors are not good albeit their Medical Degrees from reputed Medical Colleges, best diagnostic dexterity, efficiency in prescribing suitable medicines. The best doctors are declared by the patients who experience early cure.

How and why few Doctors could win over the minds of their patients and remain as ‘Best Doctors’?  It is simply because of their positive attitude, soft skills and simple psychology they apply understanding the minds of their patients. While doctors with exemplary knowledge in medical science are admired at, Doctors with the above qualities are adored a lot.

Doctors can and should facilitate easy and quick recovery when they know and acquire the following skills :-

1. Body Language – Most importantly facial expression, gestures and postures. A smiling face and friendly, fraternal and smoothening postures.

2. NLP VAK Techniques – Vocal Dynamics and selection of words – as words do have vibrations.

3. Matching & Mirroring the emotions of the patients as well as those who accompany them.

4. Ability to increase their personal positive vibrations (prayers, affirmations and meditation help vibrate positively).

5. Ability to explain in general parlance on the disease and method of treatment that is being given by the doctor  and NOT in medical terms.

Most of the doctors talk medical terms which are not understood by many. Simple explanations banish unwanted fears and confusions in the minds of the patients.

I still remember how both Dr.Lakshmanan and Dr.Ganesh explain to patients and to others accompanying them in simple terms citing practical examples.

6. Positive auratic connections with the patients and vibrating ‘touch’ with a feel of love.

My recent stay with my ailing mother in AVM Hospital, Tuticorin for close to two months made me find the above encouraging and necessary qualities of a Doctor in two Doctors Dr.Lakshmana and Dr.Ganesh.

After 32 days of treatment when my mother showed little improvement to the dismay and disappointment of my wife in particular, Dr.Lakshmanan told my wife “The recovery is slow but steady – your mother in law will be alright soon”.  My wife did show a facial expression of her disgust, the Doctor simply pinned that out and said staring at my wife eye-to-eye pointing out the fan regulator nearby  “Recovery is not possible just like increasing the fan regulator – right?, It will take time considering the advanced age of your MIL and her body condition”.  Then he smiled at her as a matter of comfort. He also told me why my mother was unable to vocalize words in a simple way while Dr.Ganesh explained to me how and why my mother suffered fits.

A Doctor should never be a robot just administering some medicines.  He/She should understand the feelings of the patients and most importantly the people accompanying the patients.  The human emotions and feelings are definitely contributory for speedy recovery of the patient in addition to the medical treatment.  Most of the Doctors fail to pay attention to this and end up either in failure or acquiring bad name among the patients.

A smile, sweet and comforting words (although the illness is severe and cure is remote) to instil confidence in the minds of the patients and those around the patient would go a long way to cause miraculous cure many a time.

As a person interested in Metaphysics and esoteric science, I have experienced many such cures myself as a healer and a Doctor (of any system of medicine for that matter) should aware of this science as well to cause early cure. The positive vibes that are emanating from the Doctor’s aura would sooth the soul of the patient.

As the physical mass is surrounded by sheaths of subtle layers, positive vibes are essential for early cure to happen.