Life Improvement Mind Engineering

Life Improvement Mind Engineering

NLP Trainer, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer Phno: +91 9442200231

Excellent Training / Mass Counselling Programs

Maris Associates Pvt.Ltd.,  are one of the accredited and recognized exporters of PP/LDPE/HDPE Polysacks of different sizes and qualities to various countries from India. There are 1500 employees in the Company. Mr.Ganesh has been conducting training programs on various management topics to the employees of different cadres in Maris Associates besides holding individual/group counselling.   He has also conducted survey to find out reasons for frequent exodus of workers successfully. Read More

Reiki remedy for Trigeminal Neuralgia

A old lady was suffering from severe Trigeminal Neuralgia a disease which would give excruciating pain over the head. She got that pain during odd hours on a day when shewas away at Rameswaram. New place, new persons, no doctor to contact, no medical shop and no medicines with her. I was there with my Reiki Power. Read More

Mrs.Lalitha shares her Reiki Experience

Mrs.Lalitha Ramachandran (my mother) talks about Reiki given to her because of which she could get rid of her severe head ache and continuous running nose almost throughout the month. No medicine could cure it. I applied Reiki on her (which she reluctantly accepted as she did not have belief initially). One week’s treatment was enough for her to get rid of her disease permanently. Read More

Mr.Srinivasan gives his account

Mr.R.Srinivasan, Administrative Officer (Retd.) DCW Limited was a witness to many of my Reiki Sessions who saw himself the wonders of Reiki when applied on people. His brother was treated by me for shallow breathing and weakness. When I start my session, he would lay normally and when I start giving Reiki Power to his heart & lungs.. his stomach will get enlarged as a balloon and huge amount of oxygen will be taken by his respiratory system automatically who would exhale with a big issssssssh noise. This will happen for more than 25 times after which he would become silent. I will then strengthen his chakras and finish the session. Read More

Kappal Swamy, Tiruchendur

This is Kappal Swamy from Tiruchendur who speaks his experience on my reiki treatment. He mentions about his daughter and son. For them, I gave counselling also. Read More

V.Vidya, Director, Sparquest, Chennai

He is my inspiration who helped me re-emerge and I am sure many share similar feelings. He and his words have impacted me to the extent that I have adapted several changes in my personal and professional life.

Thanks for being there and enriching my life, I had the cake, you gave me the icing and definitely the cake tastes and looks better with the icing. I have re-emerged as a better trainer and a better HUMAN!

Suzan Chris, Uganda

This is an email received from Ms.Suzan Chris, a resident of Uganda, on her counselling experience. Read More