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Life Improvement Mind Engineering

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Have You Ever Wondered?


Have you ever wondered whenever you see you on the mirror? No?

Have you ever wondered whenever you are able to gulp a morsel of food? No?

(Don’t laugh) Have you ever wondered whenever you pass stools and urine? No?

Have you ever wondered whenever you are able to walk a few steps without a stumble? No?

Have you ever wondered whenever you are able to do even petty things, not big achievements to enter Guinness World Record? No?

Have you ever wondered whenever you slip into sleep at once when you recline to your bed? No?

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Celebrate Your Existence !


There are lot of festivals for celebration besides occasions like anniversaries in our life.  Any celebration for any cause gives us immense pleasure, energy and enthusiasm. With the result, we are looking rather craving for opportunities to celebrate.

Sickness, illness and indisposition due to unfortunate mishaps and accidents are not cause for celebration which bring us sadness and melancholy.

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Blaming Children For Their Misbehavior? You Are At Fault Yet Again!

Parenting a child is not a child’s play!  Children are brought to me for counselling for numerous ‘misbehavior’ whereas I counsel the parents first.  Why?  You will know for yourself when you continue to read.Parents are the root cause for the misbehavior of the children for they do not know the damage they do to their children at the sub conscious level.

I could not sleep for a long time that night?


I saw a person while travelling by train from my place to Chennai. After the dinner, I just went to dispose my empty food pack into the bin. I was struggling little bit to open the door in that AC compartment when a man from outside pushed it for me. When I gave a thankful smile, he grinned and said “You must use your commonsense and not your intelligence”. I just got irritated forgetting for a while his help extended to me just few seconds ago. It hurt me more as two women giggled at me on hearing his comments.

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Proud Moments For LIME !




I am happy to share with the visitors of my site that LIME’s Mission 2014 ‘Creating Awareness Health Among Youth & Poor on Mental Health” is taking a huge leap by signing an MoU with Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India today.

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Focus On Indian Youth !

id lime

Youth are the future of Bharat. LIME, therefore, focuses on youth development of India. Keeping this in mind, the Vision 2014 of LIME is “Creating Awareness Among Poor And Youth On Mental Health”.
In the past 8 months, I have met hundreds of youth and children – counselled them, motivated them, encouraged them and enthused them. Lot of students got high marks and a few suicidal attempts were averted.
This Independence Day gives me new hopes to do more service to Indian society and the student community.

Why We Commit Suicide Or Murder Others?


We read in papers and view in television news about incidents taking place at various places involving lovers getting separated or are murdering the love or lover.

Have you ever asked why and how such incidents take place in a person’s life as love is a highly positive emotion and desperation to murder is the strongest negative emotion? What makes a person drift afar from love to hatred?

Human mind contains both good and bad thoughts. I need not explain to you all what is good and what is bad.

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Indian Women’s Sexual Dysfunction-Nobody Understands It Right!

sexual dys

Three things are very important in life. Health, Wealth & Sex. These three are common for both males and females across the Globe.

Sex is still secret and sacred in Indian society. Indian children (especially) the girl children learn about sex in their own way – ironically, most of them in an unfair way. Sex being the basic instinct for any creature under the sun, containing its urge provoked or unprovoked from outside, very difficult to handle.

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Press Mind’s ‘Refresh’ Button To Remain Fresh All the Time!!


It’s everyone’s experience to become gloomy for no reason. Shift of mood occurs time and again against our wish and will. In this busy competitive world, occasions push us down into the trough of mind. Few, who know the evil designs of mind, come out quickly, good number of people take time to become normal and a people at large become the victims of the designs of mind to remain depressed temporarily or permanently.

How To Come Out Of This Mental Trough? Thorns are taken out by thorns, Diamonds are cut by Diamonds and poison becomes panacea for poison. Similarly, our mind is to be used to tackle the evil designs of mind!!

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Petty Jobs? – Paltry Salary! – Dangerous Indeed!!

People in the tinsel world are paid a lot of money, of course for their talents and skills. So are those who are in business, trading, commission agency and of course politics – they get a lot of money and live happily. It is germane to refer my article ‘Cost Cutting Or Cutting Life?? Pathetic’ written on the Rail – School Bus collision in Telungana in the recent past in which about 20 children were killed. The replacement driver was a person who drives Tractor and who wanted to take short cut to cut short the precious lives of poor children.

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