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Let’s Teach Our Children A Fair Play!!

Let's Teach Our Children A Fair Play!

I saw my grandsons playing with each other. The younger one was having a toy and playing with it. When he just left the room leaving the toy, the elder one (who is on lying) just tried to hide the toy of his brother.

I asked him why he was doing so. My elder grandson replied “no grandpa just to have fun… it would be a real fun watching this fellow searching for the hidden toy”. I told him “yes, my child, it would be a fun to watch some one searching here and there for his possession whereas there is a way to have more real fun”.

Curious to have more fun, my elder grandson asked what it was and assured that he would do that. I gave him two chocolates and told him to place them inside his toy. He just obeyed. We hid ourselves behind the wall.

The younger one came to take his toy only to have a shock of joy on seeing the chocolates. This time the thrill was different. What happened then was very much surprising. The little one gave one chocolate to his elder brother.

Smiles everywhere. I asked my elder grandson as to how did he feel with this thrill. And before he open up his mouth, I hugged him and told “my child the real thrill is not in disappointing and troubling someone but in surprising the person with a gift like this”

I learnt this technique from Sadhu Vaswani from one of his books. When children are taught fair way of play, we are raising an excellent human being and a patriotic citizen to our Mother Nation.

In the picture are my two grandsons.

Time Your Task!! Do You??

Oral communication is the easiest and quickest means of communication. 95 percent of the communication around the world happens orally.

My Psychology Guru Late Rooshikumar Pandya would call communication as an incident – any time it can happen unexpectedly.

However, intentional communication with a specific purpose and goal should never fail.

Experts say one must be very careful in selecting right words, phrasing a sentence and vocal dynamics.

A lot of training programs are also conducted by conversation specialist and communication experts as well on oral communication.

Still, people fail in their communication even after applying these acquired techniques. Why? Because of the wrong timing!

Human beings are always influenced by moods although they appear normal overtly.

Having this in mind alone Eric Berne invented Transactional Analysis (TA) through which he insisted people to look for the ego state on which the person in communication process operate upon and to to suit their ego state to make the communication successful.

From my own experience the moods of the people make the time of communication right or wrong. Therefore, one has to find out the right time of communication (which differs from person to person).

What are the causes that influence a person to make the time wrong?

  • Personal Bitter Experience
  • Wrath & Displeasure
  • Dissatisfaction, disinterest, distress and disgruntlement of the person concerned
  • Unpreparedness and disinterest on the part of the individual concerned for one or more reasons
  • Unfriendly environment as well as presence of wrong persons
  • Strained relationship between the communicator and the receiver at time of communication (the relationship at the time of communication may be different although the communicator has been enjoying good relationship with the receiver all along !!)
  • Physical discomfort
  • When the person is emotionally down and dull

Hence before initiating your communication one has to take not of the following:-

Observe the body language

Body Language being the real unspoken communication of any being under the sun, would show the state of mind of the people. Our communication will become nothing but noise when the receiver is not in listening mode. Please ensure it.

Make Rapport

Making rapport is the seminal step in communication which a lot of people miss miserably. A warm smile and a loving greeting would pave way for sure to have a smooth communication.

Watch The Response

When you set the stimuli, the response should be matching to it. When the response is different, please avoid further communication as the timing is definitely wrong. Happy persons, response instantly and in the same matching manner.

Congenial Atmosphere & Environment

Wrong and unfriendly atmosphere/environment would definitely make the time wrong and unsuitable. Aware of the person’s personal preference on the above. Most of the top executives prefer private and one-to-one communication for more than one reason.

Apply NLP Matching Techniques

NLP teaches us this technique which has been practiced by this writer for over 15 years very effectively and successfully. We can match the body posture, gesture, words and slang of the receiver. We can match or mirror**

Okay, dear friends. Hope this article of mine would be much useful to you. Do you have any doubts? Never mind to contact me through my website contact form – visit my site – right? Thank you.

Be a successful communicator – best of luck

Self or Shelf Development??

At the end of my training programs, many participants would ask one single question. “Sir, are you providing us with any study materials?” .

My method of transfer of knowledge during the training program is to imbibe and inculcate all the points that I want to drive home in the minds of the participants through my VAK Anchoring Method. The analogy and true life incidents that I share would remain in their subconscious mind for ever for sure.

The hard truth is that participants seldom refer the materials given and / or notes taken by them during the program later on. These materials and notes simply occupy their shelf and the shelf develops not the self!

The real self development happens only when we absorb the important points and put them into practice as quickly as possible. More important aspect in doing so is that one can and should have self belief as many of us develop a parallel sense of apprehension about the efficacy of the techniques that are taught. People generally think that these techniques may work for others and NOT for them. This is the seminal mind block that prevents self development.

Knowledge gets converted only when it is transformed into skill and when we acquire the skill, the self development is made possible. My Guru Late Prof.Rooshikumar Pandya would say “Please spend some time daily on self development – leaders are learners, leaders are communicators, leaders are those who take care of their self development DAILY without interruptions”.

When we don’t do this, our shelf will swell with books and study materials and no self development is possible.

All the best.

Every Breath Counts! Never Waste It.

I was at the side of my father when he started struggling to breath. He was at the final stage of life commencing his journey to heavenly abode. It was so difficult for him even to breath even once.

At that time my mind started focusing automatically on my breath. Breath indicates the fact that we are alive. It was smooth and regular. How many breaths are wasted just like that in our life? We breath to think evil, speak evil and do evil.

Not knowing that at one point in time, this breath would stop and we would become dead and useless. A great wisdom appeared once again and I was determined not to waste my breath in all and sundry but for good purpose. To serve the world.

Friends, every breath counts. We do not have breaths in our life. Every breath rather has life. Let us not waste it.

Let us not forget our sojourn in this world and maximum utilize our existence for the benefit of everyone who comes into our contact.

A Towering Personality Indeed!

My father is no more! Left for heavenly abode on 10th December 2014 at 4.31 PM. Hard to believe!! Amma broke down when his body was taken away from home… her bonding with him is over 70 years will mentally continue as appa left his mortal remains. Today when I took the ash and bones of my beloved father I just remembered and recollected him as a great man !!

Born and brought up in a poor Brahmin family not able to enjoy the love and care of his father (though alive), he came up in life on his own. He was humiliated initially by his relatives and others at office as he was so innocent more to the clever world.

  • I never saw him crying for anything during his physical existence
  • I admired at his elephantine memory
  • Very punctual who even went to office in Taxis and Autos at times avoiding town bus
  • A perfectionist – he would take his own time but he was perfect all the time
  • He wore shirt and dhoti – in pure white I never saw him wearing anything with dirt and unpressed
  • He had NO bad habits at all till his death
  • Till he became unconscious his BP, sugar level and pulse were absolutely normal!!
  • He seldom visited hospital and very rarely medicated his body
  • He was stubborn to corruption throughout his career though occupied high position with absolute authority in Government
  • Very charity minded and spiritual – To our colony vinayagar temple he used to give his share one time for the whole year. His share for this year ends on 31.12.14.
  • He would eat and sleep like a child
  • To my conscience he never lied to anyone
  • He never hesitated to spend when it was for his kith and kin
  • A very good music lover – spent a lot of money to go for musical concerts he was member with Krishna Gana Sabha, Naradha Gana Sabha and Brahma Gana sabha apart from several other such entertaining channels

When he fell down end last month – he said “I would die by this month end” which he proved (if we take it as the Tamil Month of Kaarthigai)

He also signed and gave us only three cheques to draw his Pension amount and the third cheque was presented just one week before his death.

The room in my house in which he lived for 22 years is empty – his voice had been reverberating almost all the day. 4 days prior to his death he was absolutely silent and we were all at his side and the death was smooth.

He has lived his life. His life is complete for sure. May the departed soul rest in peace.

Have Qualities Of A Child – Remain Happy & Healthy!

A child is very happy, enthusiastic and energetic all the time. As we grow and mature, we obviously lose many of the qualities of a child which we need to remain happy and healthy.

Yes, happiness and health diminish as we grow and no one cares to understand the reasons for it.

1. Forget & Forgive

The first and foremost quality of a child to remain happy is its quality to forget people and occasions hurt it and make it sad. It forgets and forgives unwittingly and effortlessly to move on whereas the matured become gloomy and sad by repeating the experience within to keep the ill feeling as long as possible. Please offload such nonsense from you to love afresh.

2. Remain Active

Children never remain quiet. They are extremely happy – they are on the moving doing something to its pleasure. Whereas matured want to take rest, relax and sleep – as much as possible. This intention make them lazy and sick. Therefore, let us have maximum utility time and remain active.

3. Keeping The Body Flexible

Have you ever noticed the movements and postures of the child? They would fold their legs back and sit on them. This is nothing but Vajra Asanaa in Hatha Yoga. As we become old and matured, we never walk, jog and run. Never squat on the floor unlike children. Our limbs and joints become rigid slowly and we have muscle pulls. We should not lose the quality of our childhood days and keep flexing our body to remain healthy.

4. Curiosity, Observation & Learning

Children are always curious to learn. They learn by sheer observation. Alas, we lose this very important quality of observing and learning only to remain complacent. Children learn in chunks – when they look at an object they observe in chunks and learn. We observe objects as a whole. We are not curious to learn as we grow. We should always be learning, unlearning and relearning.

5. Self Confidence And Thinking Big

Children would put on the clothes and chapels of their parents & elders and their imagination is always big. A child would always think that ‘IT CAN’ . This most needed quality is vanishing when we become matured and old. We remain apprehensive with no self confidence at all.

6. Self Reliance

Children want to do things themselves. Only out of our fear and apprehension that they would harm themselves, we rush to do things for them. “I will do myself” is the common phrase they utter. When they want something, they never call any one but first try to get it themselves. Only when they feel they can’t, they seek help. Whereas, we develop a sense of getting assistance and expect people to help us even for our daily routines.

7. Imagination – Trying New Things

Children are highly imaginative and never stick on to dry routines. They want to see new colors, new shapes, new play mates and methods. They make several things differently and enjoy. Whereas, the old and matured are trapped in routines to feel bored. Even the schools feed the left brain neglecting the imaginative and artistic right.

8. Perseverance

Children show utmost perseverance in fulfilling their wishes (goals). They never remain silent unless they get what they want to get. Parents quite often mistake it as adamant attitude but in reality they go all out to achieve. We have, when matured, desires but not goals with passion to achieve.

9. Freedom Loving

Children are lovers of unfettered freedom. They can never be imprisoned within four walls who want always outbound activity. When we become old, our personal and official life push us within four walls and we, in the course of time, lose our interest to go out to enjoy the world. Marriage snatches the freedom of an individual (in most of the cases) .

10. Belief

Beliefs of children are so strong and unshakable. They once set the belief, they go by it. That is the reason why parents are told to seed good beliefs in them. Whereas, the old and matured have bleak and weak beliefs. Belief stems from the powerful subconscious mind and is hence essential for a steady life journey.

Friends, never ever allow these qualities once we enjoyed in our childhood to go away from us! These qualities are essential for whole life and not for the early phase of our life.

Have these qualities intact to remain happy and healthy!! All the best.

MMM sans Morality

From LKG to MBA, our children are taught only subjects and subjects alone. Nothing else. Civics, Morals, Attitude, Behavior,Patriotism and the like are forgotten altogether. Neither parents nor teachers teach these to our children.

Result? Children are molded as ‘Money Making Machines’ (MMM) just to lead the life and not live it.

Parents are crazy to get their children admitted in schools which are labelled as ‘International School’ or schools producing one hundred percent result with fluency in English along with one more foreign language such as French, Chinese, Japanese, German.

Parents spend at least 30 percent of their monthly earnings towards education of their children for this art of stuffing the brain and not training the mind. They admire at the intelligence and smartness of their children which are exhibited through their deeds – alas they isolate the health of the mind and mental growth of their children.

Result? Children do not know how to handle their emotions, how to face failure, how to establish and maintain good relationship even with their loved ones, how to remain happy and peaceful, how to love their Nation and they die down not knowing how to live.

I was travelling with one Japanese guest (when I was working with my erstwhile organization) who saw a burnt Government Transport bus on the road. He asked me for the reason. I said demonstrators who were demanding release of a political leader (caste leader) torched the bus.

The Japanese friend turned to me and asked “how could they burn your bus?” . Amazed at his question I replied at once “No… it is a Government bus”. “Ganesh, unless otherwise people treat the Government property as their own, they would be doing like this”.

This reply made me cogitate for quite a long time. I was silent. Why our people are doing like this. What went wrong with their attitude these questions were haunting me.

My friend said “Ganesh in Japan we train children at the tender age on these. Patriotism, civics and behavior are ensured in Japanese children at primary school level where the teacher student ratio is generally just 1:5. Trained graduates even with Phd., in psychology are employed at KG level and that is the stage in a child’s life we should inculcate good habits.

Yes that is the reason why our people take advantage of every opportunity to harm their own people, cheat and plunder their own Indian brotheren. What happened during the mountain Tsunami in Uttarkand? Helpless pilgrims who were trapped in the region were robbed off their belongings, women were molested and food & water were sold at exorbitant price unlike during Tsunami in Japan where people observed absolute humanity and discipline.

In our country where poor people are good in number whose children are studying in Government run schools, there is no room for such training. And even in the so called ‘International Schools’, sorry we stuff the brains and not train the students. Schools have no intention and time to impart this knowledge in the students as the syllabi and curriculum are replete with all and sundry.

At least, we the parents and elders should take care of our children, who are the future Indian Citizens, with regard to enriching their mind with good thoughts and attitude.

This us most urgent and important !

Simple & Easy Technique To Eliminate Negative Thoughts!


What we think, so are we. “No thought goes waste” said Ramana Maharshi . Every thought, albeit positive or negative, has got vibrations and potency. The fulcrum of one’s life is THOUGHTS. Thoughts make us happy and make us sad as well. The choice is ours.

Life is in its full blossom when we express thoughts of happiness – alas we always indulge in pursuit of happiness outside us not knowing that happiness is our real nature and it is available very much within us.

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‘MMM’ Sans Morality!


From LKG to MBA, our children are taught only subjects and subjects alone. Nothing else. Civics, Morals, Attitude, Behavior,Patriotism and the like are forgotten altogether. Neither parents nor teachers teach these to our children.

Result? Children are molded as ‘Money Making Machines’ (MMM) just to lead the life and not live it.

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Have Qualities Of A Child – Remain Happy & Healthy!


A child is very happy, enthusiastic and energetic all the time. As we grow and mature, we obviously lose many of the qualities of a child which we need to remain happy and healthy.

Yes, happiness and health diminish as we grow and no one cares to understand the reasons for it.

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