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You Seed The Inner Voice Of Your Children!!

After marriage, every couple’s dream is to have a child. Children are no doubt a source of happiness.

How long and how far. Until they behave according to our wish and will. Lest, we will blast them with our wordy bombs.

When we fail to mind our tone and words, sorry, we are doing harm to our children that even the good would turn bad in them.

Still I can remember with bitterness my father’s tone and words when I could not recite a verse from my language book. Every time when I see a language text book, I go down the memory lane to feel sad and bad. My father is no more and I am in the wrong side of fifties.!! Such is the impact of tone and words that we use to our children.

Children are too tender to withstand your wordy onslaughts. The words and tone linger forever in this subconscious mind and in most of the cases, they are unable to do good for which those words were uttered by their parents. This is the impact of those words uttered in uncouth tone.

Even when your children do wrong, please hug them and talk to them in a husky lovable voice – appreciate and highlight the good in them and tell them how and why they do wrongs.

You know my dear friends – such talk becomes the INNER VOICE of those children. Whenever they come across such situation in life at any stage, the INNER VOICE will be heard by them.

Please make their inner voice a memorable one with a lot of love and joy and happiness.

Never shout at Children.

Reiki Cure For Cancer

Five years back one of my relatives was referred to me for Reiki treatment for Cancer. The lady was suffering from cancer and her right breast was removed.

When she was referred, there were signs of spreading cancer cells near her right arm pit. Severe pains were experienced by her.

Again she was operated upon and cancerous growth was removed. I visited her and checked her aura.

  • The aura was little dark especially around throat and heart and the chakras were little weak. My first impression was that she would hardly withstand the fresh growth of cancer cells and would die.
  • However, I gave her touch therapy (Reiki) after doing full cleaning of aura. Then I gave her Reiki for 42 days continuously.
  • Her cancer growth was stopped but not the hair growth. She got again full growth of hair which she lost because of the frequent chemotherapy.
  • Now Doctors declared her FREE from cancer and the medicines are stopped. Reiki is such a divine blessing which complements any system of medicine and enhance recovery / cure.
  • And now, again a lady is referred to me who is in her advance state of cancer near her throat.
  • With my Aura scanning, I found the epicenter of this terminal disease as the right side of the head.
  • I started the treatment on 21st February and distance healing is being given to her now. She reports deep and comfortable sleep (which is the first sign of healing) at night and some relief over her jaws.
  • Reiki is the cryptic combination of divine grace and human efforts as healers. Hoping to bring back smiles over her face.

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Home Turns Hell For Children!!

All parents want their children to perform well in their studies. Children are hence virtually tortured at home by parents highly charged with emotion and passion.

In their hasty approach, they fail to know one important fact that they deal with a very tender mind.

Academic excellence proved by the children of their friends and relatives make them mad and they compare their own children with others.

Every child is unique in one way or the other and no two children (including siblings or even identical twins) are different at mind level.

Schools on the other hand woo gullible parents with modern techniques of stuffing the brain to simply eke out a living. With the result, these children become bio-robots just programmed to earn money.

Parents’ expectations have thus become mismatching and irrelevant to the age and maturity of their children.

Result? Instead of getting encouragement, these poor children lose their self confidence and esteem to a very great extent.

Our educational system revolves around 5 ‘R’s. Read, Record, Revise, Remember and Reproduce.

Just memory is the fulcrum of it. Photocopy the answers and pen them on the answer papers. That’s it. Even teachers who are evaluating the answer papers are given with ‘KEYS’ with which they go by. An answer with a little self imagination and innovation is also rejected by that trained mind.

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Respond – NOT – React!

Response comes out of our knowledge and wisdom whereas Reaction just out of our emotions and impulses.

While the former is harmless and productive, the later is harmful and destructive for sure.

Most of the crimes that happen across the globe are done by people who are reactive to the situations they are in.

Psychology says, when a person is emotionally charged, he/she can be influenced to react at once.

This is the reason how and why sports person indulge in silly sledging provoking the opponent. The harsh head butt of Henry Zidane, the France foot ball team captain during the Food Ball World Cup Finals against Italy. France lost the match because of Zidan’s emotional reaction.

A lot of rush-of-blood reactive deeds denied good opportunities to many budding youngsters. Numerous resignations are taking place in respect of youngsters.

Result of Such Reactions

1. Losing the mental equilibrium and balance irrespective of our literacy, position, status and the like.

2. Going out of control

3. Rupturing and straining relationship

4. Injuring others with words and actions

5. Losing mental peace

6. Indulging in physical assault of even grave nature

7. Family dysfunction\

8. Sufferings – both physical and mental

9. Loss of reputation, health, wealth and opportunities.

10. Stress and mental ailments to remain unhappy in life

To remain cool and collective needs a little practice. It is possible when we look at the above 10 results of being reactive emotionally. One can and should develop a sense of awareness to show response and NOT reactions.

Best of luck.

Career Development Made Easy

Everyone wants continuous forward movement in life and in career more particularly.

People do whatever they can to perpetuate their journey towards development. But how many of us take up unhindered journey?

The irony is that most of us are unable to identify what really stops our journey and tend to blame one or the other to remain dampened cursing the fate.

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How To Find A Negative Person Near You In Minutes?

We must always remain positive in life to have our happiness undisturbed. It is not that we generate only positive thoughts but is all the more important to distance ourselves from negative people.

We talked about the inner air conditioner to facilitate inner peace – now we talk about the internal strainer / filter that would prevent negative persons from interacting with us.

Appearance & Body Language

Tilted nose (not straight)

Joined eyebrows (which shows lack of frankness or suspicious character)

Back of the head and neck will be in a triangle shape without flesh

Disfigured fingers and / or toes

Little toe not landing on the floor

Droop at the edge of the lips

Gaze: They will seldom look into our eyes straight but with slipping focus keeping their neck tilted sideways.

Eyebrows: They will keep their eyebrows frowned – especially more whenever they listen to you.

Eyeballs : Eye balls will be most of the time at the bottom especially right side bottom

Showing fist and thumbs down sign while talking

Drooped shoulders, crossed hands and legs

Gestures, Postures and Activities

Putting the hands in both the pockets during interaction

They will listen you closing the mouth with their palms or fingers

They will shake their head sideways time and again when listening

Their smile will be dry and they don’t laugh but giggle

Those who wear spectacles would see not through the glass but the gap as the glass would slide on to the nose

Frequent backward movement of head and looking skywards during interaction

Closing the eyes during interaction

Talking cynical

Choosing hurting and hard words

Feeling agitated and remaining argumentative – most of the time

Preferring solitary confinement

High self projection through all the available means and belittling the other person(s)

Never do voluntary help but only whenever sought for with expectations and pre-conditions

Changing their stands illogically and quite frequently

Absence of humor

Remaining unconvinced and always ready to counter

Now, my friends, you can find out those who are with negative mind and energy which will reflect on to their aura as well and spoil yours in no time.

Run away from negative people to remain positive all the time.


  • I have a friend who would help those who are struggling with loads on their back, especially in railway and bus stations.
  • He would volunteer to help old and infirm by carrying their luggage while climbing the stairs up and crossing the loads, boarding the bus and while alighting as well.
  • He asked my opinion about his service. “Definitely you need appreciation, my friend” I told him followed by a friendly and loving pat on his shoulders.
  • But how many of us know the loads of sad thoughts people bear in their hearts and they try to cover them up by a dry smile?
  • Sadhu Vaswani would say “Pay attention to people’s thoughts of sufferings and offload them with your kind words“.
  • From day one I did read this, I have started doing my counseling and it and now I have taken this up for 15 years !!
  • My kind and comforting words offloaded lot of pensive, negative and saddened thoughts buried with pains.
  • LIME is now doing this for the past three years with the result people are able to smile back.
  • Offloading the struggles of people at thought level is also a service – my dear friends, please use your tongue to say few comforting words macerated in true love and give your loving touch – see the miracle in front of your eyes happening in them.
  • Start today !! Best wishes !!

Do You Have An Air Conditioner In You?

  • The basic two responsibilities of our Sub Conscious Mind is to make us live and make us happy – 24 x 7.
  • That is the reason, we always quite naturally drift towards happiness whenever we feel bored (the neutral state of mind) and not towards sadness at all.
  • Are we happy all the time? If the answer is NO, who is at fault? If we choose to remain positive and happy, there is nobody under the sun to make us sad. Alas, we seldom know the power of volition to remain happy is within us.
  • We seek happiness in people, money, situations, materials and in short away and outside from us. That is the reason we get disturbed time and again for one reason or the other.
  • Everyone is unique in one way or the other and seeking happiness is far from truth. Happiness for one person is not happiness for the other! It is the order of the day.
  • Friends, amidst your busy life everyday, stop a while and check whether you are happy with you first. Take a few deep breathing and create an awareness to remain happy and positive.
  • An air conditioner conditions the air inside our rooms irrespective of the temperature outside. Likewise install the conditioner inside your mind to make it cool always irrespective of the atmosphere outside caused by all and sundry. The conditioner is your determination to remain happy!
  • One single principle “let go let go let god” will make your pains vanish just like that. Choose to remain happy – the volition is with you.
  • Be positive and happy friends !!

Are You Going To Punish Your Children? Wait & Read This!

Are you going to punish your child..?? Wait .. Read this first!!

Please think for a while whether a punishment is needed or the child can be counselled.

Never give punishment to the child as an outlet for your anger but with an intention to facilitate the child to correct itself.

The level of punishment should depend upon the mischief or mistake committed by the child and never depends upon the extent of anger parents have.

The punishment should pave way for correction and not for causing physical and most importantly mental injuries.

Please avoid punishing yourself and/or cajoling the child immediately after the punishment which would make the punishment useless and meaningless.

Make the child understand that the punishment is for its mistake and not out of hatred or baseless wrath and displeasure of parents.

The moment you find the mistake, please tend to correct. Allowing the child to commit the same mistake 2 or 3 times or giving punishment beyond permissible time would again make the punishment meaningless.

A mistake is always a mistake. Giving punishment one time and winking at another time would make your punishment ridiculous in the eyes of the child.

When the punishment is give by the parent who shows more love and care, the result will be immediate and positive than the one who always hates and scolds the child.

Before and after the punishment, the child should be explained about its mistake and the parents should justify the punishment.

Mere physical punishment would make the child ready to bear the physical torture and would enable it to go with the mistake again and again. Its mind is what to be taken care of while giving the punishment.

Children’s mind is very tender and fragile.. The negative impact you make in them through punishments would not only be there in their subconscious mind but would cause permanent dents to hamper their mental growth.

Hence think twice before you even think of a punishment.

Outer Cover Means Nothing!!

The appearance and inner stuff are different most of the time different in most of the people.

The sixth sense that is blessed by God to us is to look for the real stuff inside a person and not just go by the outer frame which is generally very attractive and acceptable.

Maharshi Ramana would suggest us all to look for the person inside any cover albeit animal cover, bird cover or even an insect cover.

Please use your sixth sense and live happily and peacefully.