A common person seldom knows the efficacy and power of holistic healing. It is okay, when people repose full faith on medicines. But what about the mind?

The time of recovery would be more in case the mind is not healed properly. Many people do not know this fact.

Lemme cite an incident here – germane indeed – to explain the power of holistic healing.

My nephew met with an accident at Chennai India to suffer jaw injury. He was saved by a Samaritan friend who was a passer by and admitted in the nearby super specialty hospital.

Doctors conducted operation to insert a plate around the jaw. The face swelled out of proportion and blood kept oozing through the right nostrils. It was unstoppable.

I met the boy after two days and applied REIKI supported by hypnosis. This act of mine healed the mind which not only enhanced the recovery process but stopped the oozing of blood immediately.

My nephew recovered in less than 12 hours amazingly ! The photos will reveal the magic of healing powers of REIKI and the efficacy of clinical hypnosis.

Physicians cure the body and it is for the patient to recover fast, as the mind hinders the process of recovery.

Albeit mind and body are interconnected, the mind is the most powerful one which controls the body. When the mind does not accept the fact that the body cured, sorry, the person cannot enjoy complete recovery.

I can cite another example in which I am involved as a Healer-cum-clinical hypnotist. One of my friends’ wife met with an accident. She luckily suffered minor injuries and got treatment in a nearby hospital. Although Doctors allowed her to go home, she could not complaining that she has got pains still in the body. A scan was taken which proved the fact that she is perfectly alright. The I visited her at the hospital. I hypnotized her and gave her suggestions that with the grace of God she was able to recover so fast and the subconscious mind which did not accept the cure early simply accepted it after my hypnotic suggestions. The same evening she was discharged with her full consent.

When a person wants speedy recovery, both the mind and body should be taken care of.

Doctors and healers should work together and all the hospitals should appoint holistic healers to speed up recovery. Will they?