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A Hospital With Sick And Not Sickness!!

A Hospital With Sick And Not Sickness!!

Normally I detest to visit hospitals and moreover avoid staying overnight. This is because hospitals are replete with pangs of sickness and the vibes are very dangerous as fear of death and anxiety of recovery will be renting the air all the time.

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15 Year Old Boy Committed Sexual Crime – Why?

Juvenile sex crime is on the rise in India which once had a disciplined younger generation with lot of respect to women.

Teen age boys involving in crimes in general and sexual assaults in particular is alarmingly increasing.

Why this pathetic situation in a holy country which respected women as ‘Matha’ – the Mother?

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Self Belief & Miraculous Cure – A True Life Story!

Many of us do not know the power of belief !

Beliefs that we have can make or mar our life.

As a Mind Engineer, whoever comes to me for counselling and/or therapy, I would first attempt to know their belief.

Lemme cite a life story that happened at home to highlight the power of belief.

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Education Has No Value & Meaning!!

The purpose of education is not just to stuff our brain. It is not to make a person competent enough to take up a job. Sorry.

Education should reform, tame, mend and mellow a person.  More we are educated, more humble we should be.

I travelled to Chennai a couple of weeks back and four girls boarded my train at Madurai at odd hours.

It was ten past twelve and everyone was fast asleep including a kid. In fact, the mother had tough time in making the kid sleep.

These girls boarded the train talking at their top of the pitch studded with uncouth giggles to find out their berths.

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Parents! Please Speak Up – Your Child Wants Reasons!

Children are always curious to know things. Especially the WHY of anything. That is the reason why they do not just play with toys, but dissect and dismantle them.

This is applicable to the decisions taken by its parents, DOs and DONTs they say and every word and deed of them will be questioned by the chiled.

Out of our Ego (that we gave birth to it) we always want to snub and silence the child or tend to give false reasons to make them silent anyways.

Wrong !! When we snub the child by force, the child would feel very bad within and become confused. When we give false reasons / explanations, again they take it so seriously with the result they are shown a wrong way in life.

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Happy Family Is the Basis For Happy Life!

  • Family is the basic institution not only in India. Not only charity, everything begins at home.
  • We commence our life from family at every dawn and end it at every dusk. Family has thus become the fulcrum of our entire life.
  • Apart from human beings, many animals, birds and even ants live as a family. We see this mostly with wild animals and not with the domesticated animals.
  • What is the difference between the family of a human beings and other beings?. In other families the rules and regulations are perfect and punishment is certain to those who defy the rules.
  • In human families also, there are rules and regulations defined and monitored by the culture, customs & traditions, cult and society.
  • Whereas, human beings want to defy these rules keeping the selfish motives in mind.
  • Why? This is because of the presence of sixth sense which is absent in other beings.
  • Most of the people are not happy or are keeping their family members unhappy. They want to be free, independent, unfettered and remain uncared for.
  • Family is where we show love, care and respect for each other expecting nothing in return.
  • Family is where the child starts its seminal lesson for life and definitely not for earning money.
  • Family is the basic school that teaches a lot of things which are not in the syllabi at any school.
  • Family makes a person more humane and gentle and when a person is abandoned by family or the person abandons it, the life turns ruined.
  • As a counselor, I learnt one fact in life. Even after physical separation, legal divorce and staying away from family, emotional bonding remains in tact with those who loved in the family.
  • A happy at home is a happy man in the society and in the work place, whereas those who are unhappy at home pretend to be happy with a lot of bad habits.
  • Grand Parents, Parents and siblings are the ones who love us most, teach us lot and shape us in life.
  • When we are unable to love them back, sorry, we will miss a lot in life and we just exist in life.

Let us love our family and live our life 

Shout & Slap Spoils Self Esteem Of Your Children!

Children are children. They are always active and curious to do a lot of things. They cannot remain silent and they should not.

Even little Krishna was tied with a rope by Yasodha to prevent him from moving hither and tither.

We have mind to give birth to a child – a child means a biological being with a brain and mind. It has life.

A child means, a man/woman in the process with sane mind and self esteem.

Every reasonless shout and slap hinder the above process with the result the child may be intelligent but not emotionally balanced – sorry never.

Parents do not have patience – and in the case of parents both employed, they spend more time in earning money for life losing many in life.

Every child expects unalloyed love from the parents and when they are shouted at and beaten up, they feel helpless.

You might have noticed how and why they come near us to hold us tight when we attempt to shout at them and beat them up.

On the other day I saw a child beaten up by its father on the road in front of a lot of people for one reason – it broke the glass medicine bottle given to it by her mother when she attempted to take out the purse. Poor child, it could not hold it tight. Parents were at mistake to hand over a bottle to that little girl.

Every time out of our inability to hold emotions, lack of patience, absence of mental equilibrium, we burst out to hit our easy targets – our children only to cause innumerable psychological dents in their minds.

Those dents and scars would never leave them but make them feeble and weak in spite of their academic and career success in life.

Terrorists and Extremists are well educated youth with poor self esteem and distorted thoughts – because of ill treatment when they were children.

White collar crimes are done by those who are brilliant having bad mental health. This is also because of ill treatment meted to them during childhood.

I have not shouted at my daughter even once let alone beating her up. She is now a girl of two children with a lot of self esteem.

Please … please my friends refrain from shouting and beating your children

Honest Officers Are The Need Of The Hour!

I have come across through my friend in Face Book about Mr.Rajaram, a Police Office who is presently the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Tirunelveli (Thalayuthu Range).

This police officer is very straight forward and never take money from any one. He is very helpful for the public.

My friend Mr.Rajendra Raja of Rajapalayam was cheated by a person. Several lakhs of Rupees were snatched in business by a person who is influential in politics.

This honest officer dared to get this money from that fellow in spite of political pressures and refused to accept any money from the complainant even as a token of his appreciation.

We need such honest officers in our country. LIME propagates this sort of a feeling among youngsters, who are the future of our country.

Let us encourage and motivate Officers like Mr.Rajaram.

Parents! Are You Aware Of This In Your Children?

Today is World Autism Day. How many parents – even well educated – are aware of Autism?

Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

A good number of parents do not have the knowledge of finding this congenital mental disorder present in their children.

The worst part of it is that they call their children as adamant and disobeying and treat them rudely to complicate the problem more.

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Love & Listen For Lasting Relationship

Listening to people is an art. Most of us do not have patience to listen. Whereas we want others to listen to us – every time we make communication.

Hearing is not listening at all. Hearing is absence of mind whereas listening is with our attention and focus.

A womanizer who cheated more than a dozen women including married ones was interrogated by police. Police asked him as to how he was able to cheat all the women.

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