Life Improvement Mind Engineering

Life Improvement Mind Engineering

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Live the Life – Never Mere Exist!

Life and Living are two different things. Most of the people are just living to survive and they don’t virtually have a life. Every creature under the sun is living – means they also take food, excrete, sleep and make progeny. When we replicate these activities and call ‘living’, we are in no way different from these creatures, as man is always placed at an elevated platform due to his sixth sense on.

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Right mask for the right purpose!

Between day in and day out, we are to willy-nilly perform so many roles with so many people at different places for varied purposes. Successful people play their roles well, scripting their own dialogues suitable for the situation and perform nicely showing apposite emotions. Those who fail do falter either in switching the roles over according to the situation or make their scripting right or in showing wrong emotions / no emotions where it is direly needed to be. Read More

Parents, are you inadvertently damaging your children?

I am happy this month has begun with me being able to make two youngsters back on track to hit the bulls-eye in just one hypno session. The money that I get does not impress me much when the satisfaction out of my achievements comes to the LIME Light. Read More

Proud Moments For LIME

LIME has been doing excellent service to the needy in the realms of Training, Psychological Counseling (both individual & group), Clinical Hypnotherapy for remedies from fears, Phobias, relationship problems, haunting thoughts and bad habits, mental discomforts besides Reiki healing for acute physical disorders, enhancing natural healing in case of people operated upon, met with accidents and so on. Read More