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Why People Want To Commit Suicide?

People always want smooth and problem-free life. Almost every one of us detest facing challenges. Everyone knows pretty well that it is not possible to live sans problems, obstacles, challenges and hassles and still they want effortless happy life. This basic nature to escape problems and challenges thrown in by people, place and situations in life journey make people weak.

At a point when they feel trapped, they take one single decision to end up the very life so that they can avoid problems once and for all. Alas, they don’t know that the ‘mind’ which is just conglomeration of thoughts, feelings and emotions would continue to haunt them of course now without a body to work out the karma. Please refer the book “LIFE AFTER DEATH’ by Sadhu Vaswani.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa would say “to escape the scorpion bite people enter into the mouth of python” – means suffering from emotions, pangs, needs, desires and and wants without body is a hell right in front of us. In my counselling for those who attempted suicide, I would project this hard fact to create a constant consternation in them to avoid such thoughts again. It needs few amount of awareness and mental practice to live happily in life and to get rid of suicidal thoughts!! Let us see in our next post the ways and means to prevent such thoughts!

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Sexual Abuse on Children – A Dangerous Social Menace !

SEX is still an obnoxious word in Indian community.  Sex remains as secret and sacred in Indian culture.  Celibacy, both at mind and body level, is still insisted in men and women before marriage. Sex, being the basic human urge from within at the dawn of teen age, is dangerous to the human mind, attitude and behavior when not educated properly.

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Not The Disease But The Fear!!


In the thick of the forest, birds and animals live with nature.  They never go against nature.  With the result, they get the natural healing power from within and that’s how and why they get healed of their diseases and injuries.

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Spiritual Home Cleaning !!

I visited a friend’s home some time back.  He told me that the house has become cramped and a new room is to be built to facilitate comfortable living.

I just surfed my eyes over the house-hold articles dumped all over the house. Many of them caught cob webs and dust which clearly indicated that they are not in use at all for many years.

I asked my friend about the usability of many of those items, who said, they are kept as monuments which depict a special occasions in his life when they were purchased or gifted.

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Everyone is unique  in one way or the other – so says Neuro Linguistic Programming,

Man is a tamed social animal and hence we have to willy nilly interact with people at home, society and workplace.

One need to remain aware of and practice endurance, patience, amendments, adjustments, compromise and sacrifice.

There is always a question coming out of us “Why Me Always?”  and people fear losing their identity and individuality while perpetuating good relationship with others adopting and applying the above.

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Single Evil Gaze Can Spoil You – Beware!

Single Evil Gaze Can Spoil You - Beware!

Feelings and emotions do have energy.  Thoughts macerated in Evil Feelings and Emotions are very dangerous and even slowly kill you when allowed albeit unwittingly.

Meta Physics and Esoteric Science are still not believed by many whereas one can experience the effects of the same.

Eye sore (jealousy gaze) can be very much dangerous, especially when caught within the striking auratic distance of one metre.

I am a Reiki Master and Healer and I have cured many cases which doctors could not and it is germane to cite one such instance here for readers to understand the effect of evil gaze.

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Fed Up With Your Job? Here’s The Instant Remedy!

Fed Up With Your Job? Here's The Instant Remedy!Most of the people just remain in their jobs as they don’t have an alternate one. Doing a job which embitters us day in and out is a curse making our life hell.

The job which we hate is not done by we alone but by several lakhs of people across the globe.

Not everyone of them feels bored and wants to give up this job to pick up something else! Right?

Then why we hate our job?

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Sexual Dysfunction – Destruction of Happy Life!

SEX, Health and Wealth are the three major aspects that determine one’s happy and successful life.

While we are open to the other two aspects of life, SEX is still an obnoxious word among most of the Indians. It is  treated as secret as sacred in the Indian society.

Indian culture and social taboos prevent open expression of sex with opposite gender let alone the homos.

In the absence of proper sex education, Indian children acquire sexual knowledge through unholy ways and means.

People hardly discuss sex with anyone openly and they bury their dis-satisfaction only to remain depressed.

Sex is present in all the creatures under the sun and it is a God given natural instinct to every living being for progeny.

Lot of family dysfunctions do happen because of the sexual dysfunction among couples which they are not able to either identify for the cause of their day-to-day problems or are trying to hide it willingly.

Being a psychologist doing counselling for sexual dysfunction, I find SEX is one of the few main causes for difference of opinion and hatred among couples.

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Suddenly We Become Sad!! Six Simple Remedies To Avoid!!

To feel sad is not uncommon among we the human beings. Most of us remain anxious and  feel sad most of the time, while few feel so time and again in spite of their efforts to avoid. A very few learned the art of feeling happiness all the time which is not difficult to learn.

Sufferings start right from our birth.  When our stay is over in our mother’s womb, we are pushed to eject or taken by surgery to mother lest both may die.  The anxiety and tension thus start even at the time of our birth.

The neonatal anxiety about our survival thus starts. We have to cry to gasp our seminal air lest people around us would give us a gentle beat or pinch to make us cry. And we are not new to fear and anxiety.

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Doctors! Do You Want Early Cure In Your Patients? Read This!

Doctors! Do You Want Early Cure In Your Patients? Read This!

The number of doctors are geometrically increasing across the globe and so are the new medicines with different chemical combinations. This is because, new diseases are found one after the other while the existing ones persist uncured among human beings and domesticated animals.

However, all the Doctors are not good albeit their Medical Degrees from reputed Medical Colleges, best diagnostic dexterity, efficiency in prescribing suitable medicines. The best doctors are declared by the patients who experience early cure.

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