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Life Improvement Mind Engineering

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Fed Up With Your Job? Here’s The Instant Remedy!

Fed Up With Your Job? Here's The Instant Remedy!Most of the people just remain in their jobs as they don’t have an alternate one. Doing a job which embitters us day in and out is a curse making our life hell.

The job which we hate is not done by we alone but by several lakhs of people across the globe.

Not everyone of them feels bored and wants to give up this job to pick up something else! Right?

Then why we hate our job?

1. We feel we are not suitable to the job.

2.We think the job creates a sense of monotony in us.

3. We  see nothing interesting in the job.

4. We don’t love our Job.

Therefore, what we feel, think and see about the job we do form an opinion about the job.

Therefore, the remedy is very simple.  Feel good, think good and seed good in the job. Is it that much simple? Yes it is!!

The mind is nothing but conglomeration of thoughts.  When we are able to generate thoughts as we wish, we alter the mind as we intend.

Draw lessons from Children!!

Whatever children do, they enjoy it to the core.  They spend hours together not feeling the tiredness, hunger, sleep …….virtually nothing. They play, play and play.

Their cricket match is played just for fun – any game for that matter, gives nothing but fun to them.  When we play the same game for money, name and fame, then it becomes a serious business.  You know how much we are tensed while watching any game between teams!

Play and Enjoy Your Job

Start enjoying your job – every nuances of it. Play the game of doing that job putting your heart and soul. Soon you will start doing the job with so much love and joy.

The same mind which hated the job (because of the negative thought pattern) would start loving it.

The great ancient Poetess in Tamil Avvayyar@@ said “Love to Do Good அறம் செய்ய விரும்பு  – she dint say “DO GOOD” “அறம் செய்”  because she knew pretty well when we order people, they will obviously have an intention to deny. So she said LOVE TO DO GOOD knowing well when people start loving things, they will do.

Life Is A Game – Play It !!

Those who love their life and play their games happily with no seriousness in it and enjoy everything they do.  The problem with us is that we see everything seriously to get disturbed.  This is the main cause for all sorts of problems in life.

Life is short – Make it Sweet !

We are with the return ticket to this earth plane – the commencement of journey is known and not the date of return journey. This secret date in fact is a blessing that people enjoy everyday hoping that we will be alive during the remainder of the day, let alone morrow.

Knowing the fact very well that our existence in this world is never permanent, we start possessing everything forever. The awareness of our temporary nature create a unalloyed love in us with the result we feel happy and adopt universal love.

Our Job Is A Part Of LIfe And Not Life Itself !

The job that we do to eke out a living is one among the one thousand activities that we do in life. Whereas, the moment when we think is as if our whole life, the problem starts.

Mind is just like the lock and key.  Insert the key and turn left, lock gets locked. Just change the direction, the lock is opened.  So is the mind.  Until now, you were turning to the wrong direction as far as your job is concerned.  Now its time to change the direction!

Best of luck.